Download Examples

  • Home

    Home demo project contains many examples of bOS features which can be used for residential houses or apartments.

  • Office

    Example of bOS Configuration for small office with various features including office logic and tasks.

  • Jung Template

    Stylish black template as alternative to our default brighter GUI.

  • JUNG Demo

    Home demo project with stylish black template and JUNG icons.

  • Analog Log

    Analog Log stores analog values and displays data across different time intervals.

  • Analog Threshold

    Analog Threshold converts analog values (i.e. sensor readings) into boolean values.

  • Bit Converter

    Converts integrer values to bits, which can be used for another home automation device.

  • Calculation

    Calculation performs mathematical operations. Result can be used for further building automation.

  • Counter Log

    Counter Log stores counter values and displays data across different time intervals.

  • Movement Detector

    Movement Detector is used for operating lighting based on user movement.

  • Operating Time

    Operating Time measures the time a device has been turned ON.

  • Presence Simulator

    Presence Simulator simulates building's occupancy by randomly switching different lights ON and OFF.

  • Program

    Program executes custom logical operations. Useful for custom automation processes.

  • RGB Mixer

    RGB Mixer converts color value into three color values: red, green and blue.

  • Scene

    Scene is used for setting a group of values. Typical example are lighting scenes for different occasions (party, romantic dinner).

  • Schedule

    Schedule contains a list of commands that can be executed at preset time.

  • Thermostat

    Thermostat is used for 2-point (ON/OFF) switching control of heating/cooling output depending on the current room and setpoint temperature.

  • Timer

    Timer is used for delaying commands for a specific amount of time.

  • White Template

    bOS white and blue template.